All of the awarded items, such as amulets, are praying for The Goma of Fudo Myo-oh.
Please bring a charm and a bill that suits your purpose, and accept the protection of fudosm.

a substitute protection

The body protection with the brand of Naritayama is the alteree of fudo.
Please protect your mind and body by taking your own place to avoid disaster.
When the bill breaks, please put the charm in the temple with gratitude and purchase a new one.
Also, please pay it to the temple after one year.

Hatsuho fee wooden bill 500 yen
Leather protection (with wooden tag) 1,000 yen

Traffic safety protection

This is mainly a big charm that people who drive a car have.
After a year, please pay at the temple and purchase a new one.

Hatsuho fee 1,500 yen

It is a charm of traffic safety that the charm of Mt. Narita entered.
On the back is the sword of Fudo Myo (right photo).

Hatsuho fee 1,200 yen

This is a traffic safety charm designed with a bonji character representing the King Of Fudomya.On the front, the figure of Fudo Myo -o (left photo) and the back are in the shape (right of the photo).

Health protection

In india 2500 years ago, in an incomparable environment compared to today’s in Japan, she lived long until she was 80 years old, walked to her breath just before she took her breath, and preached to her disciples.

It is a charm that was treated to the ideal health of such a fashionable.
Please put it on or put it in a bag and bring it with you.You can leave it in your room.

After a year, please pay at the temple and purchase a new one.

Hatsuho fee 1,000 yen

A guardian of success

It is a charm of the heavens of the luck success.
For those who wish for good luck and success.

Hatsuho fee 1,000 yen

Traffic Safety Sticker Mini

It is a traffic safety sticker that can be attached to cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.
You may put it on something you wear, such as a mobile phone.

Hatsuho fee 500 yen