Designated Tangible Cultural Property of Hachioji City (Historical Materials)

The stone wall, which was built in 1906, is a tuff stone called "Aoishi of Izu" from Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture, and is engraved on both sides with the names of shops and inns that are donors.Although the surface has come off due to the effects of war damage, the names of shops, inns, textile-related companies, etc. in the late Meiji period and the signs of shops are engraved with the name of the town.The name of the place that has been lost now, such as "Nanyocho" and "In front of the stop", is also written, and it was designated as a city-designated tangible cultural property in 2014 as a valuable material to understand the prosperity of Hachioji town in the Meiji period.