The Shohoin temple is a branch of The Shinshoji Temple in Naritayama, Chiba, with the Shingon sect Tomoyama sect Somotoyama Tomosakuin in Higashiyama Shichijo, Kyoto as the head office.

Shingon sect is based on esoteric Buddhism learned from Keika Akari at Qinglong Temple, where the founder, Kobo Daishi Kukai, crossed to Chang'an in the Tang era.

Good luck at the Shoho-in

1865 March, Keio

Moved to 105 Yakkaichi-juku from Kuwanobo-juku (now Hiyoshi-cho, Shugen-Nobo-no-juku)
It began when the main hall was built and became the Naritasan Haruka Shrine in Hachioji, and in 1868 it became the end temple of the Shingon sect.

April 1897

The main hall and the koen were brought to ashes by the great fire of Hachioji, and in October, it was moved to 25 Hachikkaichi, Hachioji-cho.

1906 Meiji 39

The precincts are expanded to build the East-Faced Stone Wall and the South-Faced Stone Pass.
The life-size Fudoson statue of Mitsushige Sato and the statue of both children were the main image, and the main hall was the temple.

1912 Taisho

It becomes the Shingon sect Hachioji branch church.

August 2, 1945

Due to the Great East Asia War, the city was hit by a major air raid in Hachioji City, and all the halls were brought back to ashes.

March 1950

Hondo Completion

November 1952

The main hall reconstruction frontage six-room, the depth of the four-way hall, the temple,",",","Howto-Buddhist memorial parade sentry procession and Ogoma training.

1960 November 1960

It was transferred from the Shingon sect to the Shingon sect Tomoyama sect, and it became the end temple of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.
In addition

1973 October 1973

It was approved as Naritasan Hachioji Branch, and it has reached the present.