Buddha Sermon


Hello,My name is Myousai.I’m an associate chief priest in a temple.Today’s Buddha Sermon.
Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

This year is 2020.The 2st year of Reiwa in Japan.Reiwa is Japanese era name.
What kind of year is it , and What the best way to spend in this year for you ?
This year is Kanoe and this is the seventh in Chinese astrology.
(12 constellations of Chinese astrology.)
The number seven has the meaning of change, so this is the year with the change.
And This is the year of the Ne (Rat / Mouse)in the Japanese zodiac.
(Twelve signs of the oriental zodiac
The Chinese Zodiac is based on a 60-year cycle,
but most people only know about the 12-year cycle associated with 12 Zodiac animals in Japan.
Eto was introduced in Japan around the third to fourth century AD from ancient China.)

And this year is the year of the zodiac (rat / mouse), which means the beginning.
It’s the year when the big change begins, so if you want something to change, it’s a very good time this year.

Next,this year is 7Metal of Kyusei (nine star ki)
(nine stars having own color, respectively, used for astrology)
The meaning of this star comes out to the world, and it is a very good year for individuals to understand
and live with this meaning.There are various meanings.for example,one is autumn.Autumn, There are many meanings,
such as autumn, which means autumn in the season.and the time of harvest.It is often said to be
“the time of harvest”

Everything that you’ve experienced up till now is what has made you what you are today and is very important to you.
This is the year when the sown seeds have grown enough and the flowers have come to a full bloom.Finally,
it’s time to harvest and enjoy it, so you’ll be monetizing what you’ve studied many years.
Your efforts are finally rewarded and enjoyable.It also means mouth and joy.
If in the past you exchanged by email or letter, it’s a good idea to meet and talk or call.In other mean, it’s good to eat,
drink, sing, and rejoice with your friends.

Another meaning is beautifle swamp.
It is an image, but is abeautifle swamp place where animals gather and drink water to take a rest or
people gather.and exchange information. For those who used to be alone,This year it is very good to study,
play and work with more than one.Also, the direction indicates west, and the time indicates evening.
It is time to finish work for the day and return home soon.
This can mean terminating or retiring.For example, habits you want to improve, overeating and drinking too much cigarettes
End the worries. Or it’s very good if you stop the relationships you don’t want to keep,because something new will start.

Finally, I will explain what the 7Metal mean chipping.People who were born of 7metal year looks like goofy but that is
one of the attractions.That’s keywords should not aim at 100%.For example, if you want to travel abroad, you will not
be able to go when you are good at English.But if you can say hello, decide to go and enjoy it.
It is not bad to fail.First of all, you can learn from your mistakes.Good with 30 pointsTry it like that What we experienced
at that time is a property.

Thank you for listening.

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